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Working as a handyman requires a great ability to adapt to various situations with little or no warning. Because of this, you already know how vital advance preparation is to your success.

The same is true for your business insurance. Once an event happens, there is no going back to change it. At Tradies 365, we specialise in helping handymen, like yourself, create insurance safeguards to make sure everything you might need is in place.

The answer is yes; you absolutely need tradie insurance even if your business consists of you and one or two workers. The hands-on nature of the job exposes you to an abundance of potential problems, regardless of how careful you are about your work. A single lose brick or loose cord can bring about a situation where an injured party sues you for damages.

There are several kinds of cover available to those in the handyman sector. Here is a list of the most applicable policies to protect your business, your workers, and yourself.

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  • Workers’ Compensation – All states and territories in Australia require businesses to have workers’ compensation cover. The policy will help in the event of a work-related illness or accident. Specific requirements will vary depending on your location. Make sure you check with local authorities to make sure the cover you have is correct and sufficient.
  • Public Liability – Having public liability cover is essential to protect your business adequately. Your public liability cover will protect you from any litigation involving a loss or damage to a third party caused by you, your employees, or your work.
  • A Compulsory Third Party Policy – A compulsory third party policy will protect you if you own and operate a vehicle in Australia. It is an essential safeguard against lawsuits in the event that you or an authorised driver of your auto causes a loss.
  • Illness and Injury Cover – This insurance is extremely valuable to you if you have an accident or illness that happened outside of work. Many employers and employees mistakenly believe that workers’ compensation insurance will cover the costs incurred by any accident or sickness. However, an event must take place on the job or be caused by the job to be under workers’ compensation cover.
  • Contract Works Insurance – Because you may work at several different job sites in a short period of time, an annual contract works policy may be the best option for you as a handyman. This insurance will protect you on every job you take for a calendar year. Some of the typical events a contract works insurance policy guards against include:
    1. Theft
    2. Floods
    3. Vandalism
    4. Fires
    5. Storm damage
    6. Natural disasters

    When purchasing your contract works policy, double-check to be sure that your cover extends from the initial phase of the project through the owner’s acceptance

  • Handyman’s Insurance for Tools and Equipment – Every handyman knows his or her tools are essential to their ability to do the job. Check with your insurance expert to find out how much cover your need to make sure your tools are safe from damages and theft.
  • Cover for Vehicles and Trailers – You job as a handyman would be close to impossible without your transportation. Keep your fleet safe from theft, vandalism, and disasters with cover created with you in mind.

While insurance may be the last thing you want to think about, always be smart and be sure your insurance coverage amounts and types are well suited for how you conduct your business.

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    Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.