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Insurance for Concreters

Here at Tradies365, we’ve made simple trades insurance our mission. Our local insurance experts can help you find the best insurance for concreters at the most competitive rates.

Talk to Tradies365 for peace of mind and the best insurance for concreters in one affordable policy.

Any concreter or contractor knows the importance of working safely. But what about the risk of working without the proper insurance? Too many tradies in Australia are underinsured or don’t understand their policy, exposing them to financial risk that could ruin their livelihood.

We’re changing that. We make concreter’s insurance straightforward, personal and affordable, giving you the best cover tailored to your needs.

The essential insurance for concreters in Australia

  • Public liability insurance: Must-have cover to protect your business against third-party claims. 
  • Worker’s compensation insurance: Legally required insurance for any Australian employer.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: Getting you back on the road after an accident or vehicle theft.
  • Tools and equipment insurance: Cover for the tools and mobile equipment you rely on to earn an income.
  • Income protection insurance: Illness and injury cover to prevent financial hardship if you’re unable to work.
  • Contract works insurance: Cover against claims arising at any stage of the job, even after you finish the job.

Public liability insurance for concreters

Tradies should never risk stepping foot on-site without public liability insurance. Accidents happen all the time, and public liability insurance is your protection against the financial fallout. 

What does public liability insurance for concreters cover?

Public liability insurance provides financial cover when a representative from your company is found negligent, causing property damage, injury or death. Liability claims can – and do – cause a heavy financial burden.

Public liability insurance for tradies covers:

  • Third-party medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Legal fees
  • Investigation costs
  • Settlement fees
  • Repairing or replacing damaged property

Public liability insurance can also be valuable because it can prevent a claim from ending up in court.

It’s worth noting that public liability insurance for concreters only covers third-party costs. It can’t be used in place of worker’s compensation insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, or in situations where the actions are deemed deliberate or unlawful.

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Worker’s compensation insurance

Any Australian business with employees is legally required to take out worker’s compensation insurance. Not having the right insurance means risking a significant penalty from WorkCover, the government agency responsible for monitoring worker’s compensation insurance.

In some cases, you might also be required to have worker’s compensation insurance for subcontractors. The trades insurance experts at Tradies365 can help you figure out your insurance requirements and get the right cover.

Commercial vehicle, truck and fleet insurance

When an accident or theft takes your work vehicle off the road, you want to know that your insurer can quickly get you back to work. Our commercial motor vehicle insurance for concreters is tailored to your requirements, with the option to cover any type of vehicle you use for work. From regular cars to utes, trucks, trailers, and even fleet vehicles: our policies work for you.

Make sure you’re getting the best trades insurance for your vehicle. Our insurance brokers will personalise your policy to ensure you are covered against theft, accidental damage and natural disasters. 

Tools and equipment insurance for concreters

Every tradie relies on their tools every day. So in the event of a theft, accidental loss, or natural disaster, having the right tools and equipment insurance (also called general property insurance) can be a vital safety net against out-of-pocket expenses.

Tradies365 tailors tool and equipment cover is the best insurance for concreters who are invested in their equipment. Our policies automatically provide replacement cover up to $2,000 for individual items, with the option to raise the cover for high-value items at no extra cost. The cover includes daily tools and mobile machinery, and can even extend to electronics for a small additional fee.

Income protection insurance

When the unexpected happens and you lose your income, the financial burden can quickly become overwhelming. Income protection insurance alleviates that burden by replacing your income in the event of illness or injury, even when you’re not at work.

Our income protection insurance for concreters extends to anywhere in Australia, so you never need to worry about your family’s financial stability if an unexpected injury or illness takes you off the tools.

Contract works insurance 

Public liability insurance covers you for accidents while on-site, but what about after you leave? Contract works insurance is essential to protect against claims arising at any time during a project. 

So you’re covered even after you hand over your part of the project. Anything can happen in the time between the tender phase, construction, completion and right up to handover. Contract works insurance prevents concreters from bearing the cost of a claim at any stage. 

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