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Tradies365 provides all types of insurance for carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers. Our affordable insurance policies provide peace of mind and financial protection for thousands of Aussie tradies. 

Tradies365 insurance for carpenters is straightforward, affordable and comprehensive.

Our solutions are a safeguard against liability in case of accidents. But we offer more than public liability insurance. Here at Tradies365, we can tailor a policy to cover you and your employees, tools, equipment, vehicles and more. We make insurance easy, affordable and fast for busy tradies.

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Australian tradespeople choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.


The most popular insurance from Tradies365:

    • Public liability insurance: Essential cover in case your business is held liable for an accident or injury.
    • Workers compensation insurance: Cover for employees who are injured or fall ill due to work.
  • Tool and equipment insurance: Replacement cover up to $2,000 or higher per item for theft, damage and break-ins.
  • Vehicle and trailer insurance: Keeping you moving with fast payouts for work vehicles.
  • Contract works insurance: Tailored insurance cover to protect against accidents during tender and post-completion.
  • Income protection insurance: Essential financial protection for you and your family when injury or illness strike unexpectedly.

worker compensation insurance

Public liability insurance for carpenters

Public liability insurance compensates third parties in case your business is held liable for accidental damage or injury. The Tradies365 team tailors public liability cover for carpenters, including property damage costs, injury treatment, and legal fees. 

You should never step foot on a work site unless you carry public liability insurance for carpenters. If anything goes wrong, the financial fallout can be devastating. 

Public liability insurance is a requirement for carpenters, but that doesn’t mean your policy should be expensive or overly complicated. Let Tradies365 simplify the essentials.

Worker’s compensation insurance

Income protection insurance for tradies

Accidents unfortunately do happen. If your people are injured at work, you want to make sure their wages, recovery, and rehabilitation are covered, so you need worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation is a legal requirement for carpenters and tradespeople in Western Australia. You can’t employ workers without it. 

Local requirements vary, which is why you should engage the Perth insurance experts at Tradies365. For example, you may need to cover subcontractors as well as employees. We tailor worker’s compensation insurance cover based on your business, with excellent rates and local service.

Carpentry tool insurance

Your tools are your livelihood. So in case of theft, loss, fire or flood damage, or damage during transit, we’ll cover your tools at their replacement value – not their depreciated cost. Our carpentry tool insurance extends to any Australian state.

Your tools are automatically covered up to $2,000 per item. Plus, if you have more valuable items, we’ll increase the cover at no additional cost.

Additional electronics cover

You might not have thought about insurance for your electronics. But if your phone breaks on a job or your laptop is damaged in transit, you could be on the hook to replace it.

Tradies365 provides electronics cover for a small extra cost as part of our tool insurance for carpenters. We cover devices up to $1,000 per item, so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket again.

Vehicle and trailer insurance

Your transport is as essential as your tools. Getting you back on the road after an accident, vehicle theft, or third-party damage means keeping you employed.

Our motor vehicle insurance options for carpenters extend to utes, fleet vehicles, vans and trucks. Plus, we provide cover for trailers, whether owned or rented. So if your vehicle is stolen, damaged or involved in an accident on the road, we’ll help you get back behind the wheel without stress. 

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance protects your financial wellbeing if you are out of work due to illness or injury. Unlike worker’s compensation insurance which pays treatment costs, income protection includes illness or injury unrelated to work and extends to anywhere in Australia.

Income protection insurance is an essential measure to safeguard your family’s financial future. If you are out of action, up to 75% of your income is covered. Plus, with additional inclusions like ‘day one’ claims and death benefits, Tradies365 income protection insurance is the best cover for carpenters.

Contract works insurance

As a carpenter, the bulk of your work takes place around other construction work. So you might think you have the right insurance cover when you arrive on a site.

However, policies that look good on the surface might not provide the cover you really need. Contract works insurance is that cover that extends to all phases of the project. If an accident occurs during the tender or post-completion stages, you and your work are covered. 

And remember: just because you haven’t had problems in the past, it doesn’t mean you are covered for the future. 

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