Cabinet makers

As a Cabinet Maker, you depend on your tools and your talents to make a living. Because of this, having the wrong insurance policy has the potential to ruin you and your business. Our experienced pros at Tradies365 can build a policy bundle designed to meet your unique insurance needs and give you the assurance that we are here if you need us.

Every trade has its own set of risks. While the risks of a cabinet maker are different than those of an electrician, you still should plan for the unexpected with public liability insurance. You and your employees work safely and carefully. However, accidents happen in a split second. A public liability policy delivers cover should you or your employees damage property or injure another at the job site.

A cabinet maker without tools, hardware, or wood could accomplish nothing. However, some tradies forgo a policy to protect their equipment. Tradies365 encourages you to purchase cover, so your livelihood is safe in the event of flood, fire, stipulated perils, or an accident while in transit. The policy will give your equipment cover from theft if the items are in a locked vehicle or a locked building. You will receive replacement value for the tools, not merely a depreciated amount.
Your cover breaks down this way:

  • Your stock has cover for $2,000
  • Individual items at $2,000 per item. If a specialised piece has a value greater than $2,000, we will up your cover with no extra charge.
  • We will add cover for electronics to your policy at $1,000 plus an additional charge.

Extended time without income can devastate the average family; could you get by without collecting your pay? Tradies365 strongly advises our policyholders to purchase cover for illness or injury.
We speak with many professional tradies who were not aware that worker’s compensation does not pay for injuries unless you are on the job. If you have an income protection policy, you have cover anywhere in Australia.
At Tradies365 we offer two types of income insurance.

  1. One policy pays when an injury happens
  2. The other policy pays in the event of injuries or illness

The policy pays for up to two years on an illness claim and pays between one and five years for injuries.

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Cabinet maker

As a cabinet maker, a good portion of your work happens in the shop where you create cabinets. However, your work vehicle is essential for delivery and calling on job sites. Tradies365 can tailor a policy to provide cover for your vehicles with an insurance policy at a reasonable price.


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Tradies365 experts will create a contract works insurance policy that protects from storm damage, theft, fire, and floods.

We offer two kinds of contract works policies.

  • The annual contract works policy gives all of your job sites cover for a year.
  • The single job policy provides cover for one particular job site for up to 12-months.


Australian businesses must carry worker’s compensation policies, per the law. Tradies365 associates can craft a worker’s cover package that meets your needs at a rate that is affordable.
It is important to remember laws vary in different areas. Check with the authorities where you are to find out if local ordinances consider your subbies as your employees.

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    Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.