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Here at Tradies365, we know how hard bricklayers work to prop up Australia’s construction and manufacturing industries. That’s why we’re committed to making bricklayer’s insurance simple, straightforward and affordable.

Tradies365 creates tailored insurance policies for bricklayers who want the best cover to get on with the job.

Brickies’ insurance provides protection and peace of mind for the 20,000 to 30,000 bricklayers across the country, their clients, and equipment.

The right trades insurance policy can be the difference between going out of business or getting back to work.

Your tools are worth their weight in gold to you and Tradies365 understands that. This is why we recommend a separate policy to protect your tools both on and off the job.

Our customisable plan will cover:

  • Theft from the forced entry of a locked vehicle or locked building
  • Loss because of fire, flood, and designated perils
  • Damage caused by an accident while in transit

Your policy covers you throughout Australia; with stock covered up to $2,000 and cover of individual items $2,000 per item.

Items needing more than $2,000 coverage should be noted. Additional charges will NOT apply for the additional cover on specified items.

You know that you and your fellow tradies do a tough job in a safe manner; unfortunately, accidents can happen to the best of us. This is why in many cases, you are legally bound to have public liability insurance. It will safeguard you in the event that you cause direct or indirect damage or injuries occur on the job site.

Our public liability policy is payable to Tradies365 in instalments and will cover damages to third parties as well as legal fees up to five million dollars.

You can assemble a top-shelf crew and give them the finest tools available, but without transportation to the job site, you won’t accomplish much. This is why insurance for your vehicles and trailers is essential.

Tradies365 has a long history of helping bricklayers get affordable coverage to protect your transportation and your livelihood.

Why do bricklayers need insurance?

The financial impact of an accident, negligence claim or theft can be devastating for the majority of bricklayers who are sole traders or small businesses. A tailored insurance policy from Australia’s trades insurance experts, Tradies365, helps brickies recover financial losses and get on with the job.


Essential insurance for bricklayers

Bricklayers face a wide range of risks. Unfortunately, not all of them are obvious. 

If an employee’s health suffers, a client is injured, or their property is damaged, the tradesperson can be held financially liable. They can even wind up in court.

As a contractor or sole trader, it’s essential to have cover in case of accidental damage, injury, theft or negligence:

  • Tools insurance: Replacement cover for tools and equipment you need to get the job done.
  • Public liability insurance: Financial protection against negligence claims from a third party, including accidental damage and injury.
  • Vehicle insurance: Cover for the car (or ute, truck or fleet) you use to get to and from work.
  • Contract works insurance: Insurance for losses and claims arising after you finish the job and leave the site.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance (WorkCover): Essential insurance for bricklayers’ employees.

Income protection insurance: Your safety net in case illness or injury prevent you from working.

Tools insurance

Every tradie depends on their tools. Tradies365 tools insurance for bricklayers provides replacement cover when your equipment or stock are stolen, damaged or lost.

We understand the need to get back on the job quickly. Time without your tools means lost income. That’s why our tailored policies provide replacement cover up to $2,000, so you can replace your damaged or lost equipment without delay.

Need cover above $2,000?

You can note individual items with a replacement value exceeding $2,000 at no extra cost.

What if my tools are stolen?

Tradies365 tools insurance for brickies covers theft from a locked vehicle or locked building, damage caused by an accident while in transit, and loss from flood, fire and other designated disasters.

What about electronics? 

Our trades insurance policies include the option to cover electronics. You can get a replacement cover up to $1,000 per item for a small additional cost.

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Public liability insurance for bricklayers

Accidents happen. Without the right public liability insurance, those accidents can lead to crippling financial losses for brickies and contractors.

Public liability insurance covers the costs if you or a company representative is found responsible for personal injury, property damage, or other losses, either through negligence or an accident.

What does public liability insurance for bricklayers cover?

We tailor trades insurance policies to the individual, providing comprehensive cover for everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

In general, public liability insurance will cover:

  • Property damage costs
  • Personal injury costs, including treatment and rehabilitation
  • Legal fees up to $5 million
  • Ongoing costs arising from a negligence claim

Bricklayers should never step foot on a site without public liability insurance cover. If you are risking your financial security, contact Tradies365 for a trades insurance quote today.

Contract works insurance

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Public liability insurance covers you against claims while on the job. But what about after you pack up and go home?

Contract works insurance covers every phase of a project. From tendering to construction to post-completion, this specialised bricklayer’s insurance safeguards you against claims arising at any time.

Worker’s compensation insurance (WorkCover) for bricklayers

Unless you are a sole trader, Australian law requires you to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Employees have the right to feel safe going to work every day. And while you take every care to provide a safe, productive workplace, some risks still arise. 

Worker’s compensation insurance is complex but critical. To make sure you have the right cover for employees and subcontractors, contact a Tradies365 trades insurance expert.

Income protection insurance 

If illness or injury take you off the job unexpectedly, income protection insurance keeps you financially stable until you recover.

Income protection insurance means peace of mind for you and your family. And income protection insurance from Tradies365 covers you anywhere in Australia, on and off the job, 24/7.

Tradies365 provides fast quotes on affordable bricklayer’s insurance. Request a quote online to get the right cover for your next job.

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